Accessible Learning Technology Alternatives
Enhancing the education of students with special needs through technology systems
Assistive Technology Evaluations and follow-up services help students to compensate for disability related limitations. Our evaluators work with the students, related professionals and student families, to devise practical, cost effective low to high tech solutions that empower students to engage fully in their education. Suggested tech supports complement, but do not replace, remediation, and all evaluations are conducted in the student’s customary environments.

Homebased Special Education and Related Services for students with multiple disabilities, ages 5-21, are provided by professionals trained in our trademark ACTIVE Essentials Approach. After a comprehensive assessment of a student’s preferences and access modalities, our teachers and therapists work closely with other professionals and family members to build student awareness, communication and play skills through engineered environments.

Staff Development is a critical component of any Assistive Technology Evaluation. When teachers, therapists and families are trained alongside the student, they can support technology integration, and device abandonment is minimized. Our staff developers can provide training for most technology solutions, and will customize presentations to meet family and district needs. Both topic-specific and product-training workshops can be provided.