Accessible Learning Technology Alternatives
Enhancing the education of students with special needs through technology systems

My Vision

As a professional who specializes in assistive technology, I have had the opportunity to observe the use  of assistive technology across districts on Long Island.  From my point of view, AT integration is very inconsistent. Some districts provide access to a variety of AT tools to their students and staff,  and actively incorporate such tools and strategies across the education of their students. Other districts provide AT only to those  few specific students who are in great need, or for those students who have parents who advocate for them. Other districts do not see the need for assistive technology. Still other districts are not sure what assistive techology  is.

To the best of my knowledge, no one has compared student outcomes from these various perspectives, to determine which is indeed the most effective. It would be great if some one would (any statisticians  listening?)

In my humble opinion, though, the integration of assistive technology tools and strategies as compensatory mechanisms makes sense. Students can become more independent, require less direct support from school personnel, and acheive better outcomes on state assessments.

The focus of this blog will be, therefore,  to support the efforts of interested school districts, students and families towards the successful incorporation of assistive technology.  Included will be  links to useful no/low cost software available through the internet, online opportunities for professional development and device/software training,  information about new augmentative communication devices and assistive technology devices and software, and strategies to support the integration of all of the above.

It is my hope that the Long Island region will become a model for the successful  incorporation of 21st century assistive technology, with that success  evidenced by improved pre and post graduation outcomes for our students with special needs.

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