Accessible Learning Technology Alternatives
Enhancing the education of students with special needs through technology systems
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One of the unique characteristics of Accessible Learning Technology Alternatives is our trademark “ACTIVE Essentials” approach, specific to the educational process of medically fragile students with multiple disabilities.

“ACTIVE Essentials” begins with the premise that learning occurs most efficiently when the student becomes an active participant in their own learning process, and is based upon the theoretical work of such luminaries as Dr. Lilli Nielsen (The Little Room),
Dr. Jan Van Dijk, Mrs. Jane Korstan (Every Move Counts) and Dr. Sarah Blackstone (Social Networks).
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Students with multiple disabilities require assistance to achieve such active interaction, and the ACTIVE Essentials curriculum incorporates both sensory and technology based strategies to facilitate student achievement. The “Essentials” include:


“A” for assessment of student preferences, access modalities and communication skills.


CT” for Custom Tailoring to each student’s unique learning style, incorporating Computers, adapted Toys, Communication devices and sensory stimulation.


I” for Independence, Initiation and Interaction with others.


V” for Vigorous responses to intervention, to build a strong sense of self and the surrounding environment.


E” for Engineered Environments, to provide opportunities for skill development