Accessible Learning Technology Alternatives
Enhancing the education of students with special needs through technology systems
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Removing Barriers

Some students benefit from changes in the tools of education to be more productive learners. We help districts identify assistive technology tools through evaluation services.
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Building Infrastructure

Identifying assistive technology tools is only the first part of the assistive technology process.We build district capacity to incorporate AT tools and strategies through consultation services.
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Developing Proficiency

Students, families and professionals need to master the mechanics of technology usage. We facilitate successful integration through training.



Accessible Learning recognizes that some students require technology-based devices and strategies to achieve ownership, engagment and empowerment over their learning.

Accessible Learning supports these students, families and school districts of Suffolk and Nassau Counties, NY, through Assistive Technology consulting, evaluations, individual and professional development services.

Accessible Learning strives to provide state-of-the-art technology expertise, industry best practices, and practical solutions to support students with learning, reading, writing, spectrum and developmental disabilities to achieve such positive outcomes.